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Platform games is a very popular video game genre. It was born back at the time of the game consoles and became a favorite with game players world wide. See below for our rating of best platform games for iOS. Updated: February 19, 2015.

Best platformers for iPhone / iPod / iPad

Incredible Jack $0.99
Lep's World 2 $0.99
Mutant Mudds $4.99
4 Soosiz $0.99
5 Swordigo $1.99

The History of Platform Games

Platformer games are well known by the usage of platforms, in which the character is utilizing while facing different obstacles and barriers. Without facing barriers or any other problem there is no excitement and enthusiasm in the platform game. If you remember Super Mario Bros, the way the figures ran and jumped created excitement and fun while playing the game.

The genre of platform games started in the year 1980 and is famous worldwide by the start of 1990. There was a craziness in the platform games whether they were adult or children. The characters run, jump, swim, float and do many more activities that are really interesting. In the year 1980 single screen movement has taken place. There are many genres and sub genres which has taken place in the platform games. Puzzle platformers have been characterized by innovative challenges and they are mainly derived from puzzles. Games like Door Door, Doki Doki Penguin Land are the best examples of puzzle platformers. Puzzle platformers are the best games for those who love to explore and reach the destination with solving interesting and exciting puzzles.

In the early years most platform game themes were developed around cartoon characters or science fiction movies. The game developers in countries like USA, United Kingdom and Japan have contributed heavily to achieve such goal.

In the glorious past of video games, we've also seen time when platform games kind of ruled the video game industry and in that era the preliminary estimation suggested that about 25% to 33% of the total console games sold were actually platformers. It was a market share that was never seen before in the whole video game industry history by any genre of video games. As of now, the reach of platform games has seen a decrease in popularity and its market share has reached an all time low with less than 2% market share compared to the 15% share back in 1998. The performers are not extinct just now and the platform games are still making a lot of money as some of the top rated games are selling millions of units. Starting from 2010 a new variation of endless running platform games have revived this genre of platformers and brought back some of the popularity.

The history of platform games went through a lot of changes ever since the inception of it. From the beginning, the platformers have seen the following phases in development:

Single screen movement

The initiation of platform games occurred in the early years of 1980s. At that time the technology wasn't as developed as it is today and due to the technical restrictions, most games were limited to small screen size and consisted of static game fields. Some of the history keepers give the game Space Panic the credit of being the very first game on the platformers. In this game the character of the player was prone to falling in gameplay, but there was no feature to perform jumps, bounce or other specific actions or movements that qualified it as a platform game by the current definition of the genre.

Donkey Kong, a game developed by Nintendo was the very first game in which the players had the ability to perform movement actions such as jumping to cross obstacles. With such good features, the game serves as a true pioneer of the platform games. The same game takes credit for Mario, a modern replacement of this game.

Scrolling movement

The platform games which used the ability to scroll through screen for additional gameplay space were developed and released a few years before they made a name for themselves in the market. A game named Jump Bug was released just a few months after the release of first game providing facility to jump over the obstacles, Donkey Kong. The game wasn't very well received and didn't really make a name for itself and soon it was off the market, however, it really gave the people a sneak preview of what was to come in the later years. The later years saw the rise of platform games such as the games providing features like both vertical and horizontal scrolling in the gameplay.

The problem that caused late success of the scrolling games was the technical limitations of many consoles like Atari 2600 and Emerson Arcadia 2001 as these consoles were not capable to run a game with scrolling feature. The scrolling games started taking a smoother ride to technical enhancement in graphic and scrolling features with the later consoles like Commodore64 and Atari 800.

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